Digging Up the Past

logos_new      I was going to start with a different post but in the last moment I changed my mind and decided to start the blog in a positive rather than negative manner, so I want to devote this first post to an imprint of Penguin Books I never get tired of: Pelican books.

          This imprint was launched in 1937 as a way to produce inexpensive paperbacks on non-fiction topics for a general audience. Since the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamen by Howard Carter in 1922, archaeology entered the pop-culture and influenced several artistic movements of the time, especially art-deco. It is in this general context that Pelican appeared in the market, and although the imprint covered the most diverse topics, archaeology became very soon one of the principal ones.

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Welcome to Archaeostuff!

          I have been thinking about starting a blog for a long time, but I did not feel compelled to do so until today, for reasons I do not need to explain. I also believe that starting to write a blog while working on your dissertation is, without doubt, one of the biggest stupidities you can think about. But here we go.

Temple of Apollo at Corinth, also known as “view from the office”.

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Benvidos a Archaeostuff!

         Fai moito tempo que tiña ganas de comezar unha bitácora pero ata hoxe, por cousas que non veñen ó caso, non me vin impelido a elo. Tamén creo que comezar un proxecto coma este en medio dunha tese de doutoramento pódese considerar, sen ningunha dúbida, unha das maiores estupideces que se che poden ocorrer. Pero alá imos.

Templo de Apolo en Corinto, tamén coñecido coma “vista dende a oficina”.

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