A new beginning for Archaeostuff

          When I started this blog I wrote that it was not perhaps the best time to do so, overwhelmed by writing my dissertation. Well, that ended up being quite true. As much as I have enjoyed working on it, the last months of my dissertation were just too hard, to strenuous to divert any second to devote to this blog. Fortunately, that is over, and not only I am now Dr. Emilio Rodríguez Álvarez, but I have time again, among zillion postdoctoral applications and paper submissions, to come back to these pages.

          Having been a student at the School of Anthropology, University of Arizona, has been very intense, but also a fantastic learning experience. Despite the little big fact that it is located on the other side of the world from my homeland, it is a great place to be an archaeologist. For those of you not familiar with archaeology in America (the continent, the country is the US) here it is considered a subfield of Anthropology, alongside Sociocultural Anthropology, Linguistic Anthropology, and Biological Anthropology. Very different from the European concept of archaeology as a scion of history. For me it has been great to be exposed to both.

Emil Haury Building. School of Anthropology, UofA

          So, what am I going to write about now? Well, I am preparing a couple of papers on my dissertation, so I hope I can show you very soon some of my results, especially those pertaining the redefinition of the manufacturing process of Corinthian pottery. My research on divers has also progressed quite a bit, so I hope I can start a new series on that topic. Speaking of series, the one on cinema and archaeology was a great fun to write, and in this month I have increased by far the number of oddities I have watched, so another candidate for the list. This last year and a half has been that of the discovery of podcasts. A new phone and the imperious need of distracting myself from the dissertation made me discover a series of shows on archaeology and history that are not only informative but a great fun indeed. Finally, because I suppose I never get tired of doing crazy, nonsensical things, I will introduce you to a game I created using a programming language called Scratch. I intended it to be the mother-of-all quizzes on archaeology, with a pixel art retro touch. Here are some images of the game, which I hope I can release very soon!

Welcome back to Archaeostuff!

Cover Archaeoquiz
Question of Archaeoquiz

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