Welcome to Archaeostuff!

          I have been thinking about starting a blog for a long time, but I did not feel compelled to do so until today, for reasons I do not need to explain. I also believe that starting to write a blog while working on your dissertation is, without doubt, one of the biggest stupidities you can think about. But here we go.

Temple of Apollo at Corinth, also known as “view from the office”.

          Welcome you all to Archaeostuff, which alongside my twitter account arqueomoviditas intends to be my platform for the diffusion of archaeology for a broadest audience possible. You will find in this blog summaries of books on history and archaeology, news on my research and that of authors I like to follow, lessons on GIS and ceramology that you will be able to download and use in your own research and, finally, another section dedicated to think about the role of archaeology in modern day society. Although my current fieldwork is related to ancient Greece, I will try to cover other areas of study, as well as the main events and debates in the modern anthropology and archaeology.

          One of the decisions I thought more about was which language I will use. Dissemination of knowledge in the academic world nowadays is intrinsically related to English, and after several years of wandering around the world I have made good friends on the field and I would like them to participate in the debates I hope this blog will generate. On the other hand, have been quite a long time concerned by the state of Galician language in general and its place in the academic world. I have been able in the past to produce a lot and good research in Galician, so I actually did not find any reason why not to use it in this blog. Since my workload prevents me from translating every single entry to both languages, I have finally decided to apply the same criteria that some time ago I used for the publication of scientific papers: the audience determines the language. So, with the exception of the most important entries the language will be chosen based in the content and to what I will consider the main audience of each entry.

Let’s go!

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Archaeostuff!”

  1. Os meus parabéns pola túa iniciativa. O teu proxecto non podía quedar durmido ante unha vista tan fermosa e inspiradora. Será para mín un pracer poder disfrutar da lectura desta bitácora.


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